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Lucy Katherine Pinder was born on December 20, 1983, in Winchester, Hampshire, England.
The beautiful Brit lived a relatively normal life, but when she was 19 years old, she and one of her friends were minding their own business on a beach in their hometown of Bournemouth when she was spotted by a freelance photographer. As Lucy recalls, “I don’t know why we agreed, but he took some pictures of us on the beach, and sent them off toThe Daily Star and The Sun. The Daily Star wanted some more photos and on the back of that I got a contract.”

While she may be beautiful and talented, Lucy Pinder is best known for her all-natural 32G breasts. This British beaut has made a name for herself posing topless in publications like The Daily SunNuts and Loaded, earning her legions of male fans the world over.

Lucy Pinder’s face and curvy physique have been seen nearly everywhere since that fateful day in August 2003. Since then, she has appeared on the covers of magazines like LoadedNuts,ZOOIce, and Fast Car, and she has appeared in prominent ads for PlayStation 2, the Yellow Pages and the National Lottery.
In 2008, Lucy Pinder put on a little more clothing for her debut as a TV presenter on Nuts TV. She also made an appearance in the show Hotel Babylon

Because of her undeniable beauty and all-natural 32G assets, Lucy Pinder’s website generates over 25 million hits a month. And it is those fans who also helped her win the No. 69 spot on’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2008.


Pregnant fashion trend

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The 9 months of pregnancy was one of the most fun times of my life. Besides the pending birth of my child, the changes to my body were exciting, inspiring and miraculous. I’ll confess this – my pregnancy was pretty easy going. I wasn’t plagued by morning sickness, my weight gain was minimal and for the most part, I slept well and was pretty comfortable.
I was in my first trimester during the summer season of my pregnancy, so I didn’t wrestle with what type of swimwear would be most appropriate. But as more moms-to-be turn to swimming as a way to stay fit, and continue on with family vacations and beach weekends ; maternity swimwear has become an important part of the expecting moms closet.

We don’t assume that just because you’re pregnant, you’ll want to cover your growing belly. While most pregnant women probably do opt for one piece sets – there’s also a growing number of Gen Y moms who want to show off their bellies in all it’s glory!

WHY IS SHE FAMOUS | Denise Milani

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We can think of two very good reasons why every man should be familiar with Denise Milani. Known to many as “the new queen of eroticism,” this outrageously curvaceous Czech has established herself as the planet’s most popular non-nude glamour model thank to her sexy photo shoots at and Drop by and “Czech” her out today! Better yet, take a closer. 

Denise Milani Quote:

“Believe it or not, it takes awhile to find a bikini that fits me and it’s not just because I’m so busty. A g-string bottom that rides just right on my hips is important, and nobody wants a thong between their cheeks that’s not comfortable”
Denise Milani thinks she knows exactly why men find her irresistible. “I think men find me attractive because of my innate confidence,” she says. “Confidence is sexy. My confidence stems not from my physical looks necessarily but from my optimism, healthy view on life and kind heart. I am also goal-oriented and motivating and I think men detect that I am a woman of substance.” It doesn’t hurt that she also fills out a bikini better than nearly any other model on the planet. Milani’s sizzling pictorials have been viewed millions of times on officially sanctioned sites like, and, as well as on dozens of fan-generated sites all over the internet.
In addition to modeling, Milani is hoping to complete her fitness certification and is interested in creating a book, a Smart Phone application and a merchandising line.